On May 5, 2021, the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (RARR) held its fourth meeting with Polish animation stakeholders. The meeting was co-organised with the Association of Polish Animation Producers (SPPA), within the framework of the ALICE project’s ‘exploration phase’. Participants included regional film funds and film commissions. The objective of the meeting was to introduce ALICE’s ‘Wonderland label’ proposal to regional film funds and commissions.

The new label, accessible to any territory in the European Union, aims to encourage international co-productions within Europe. In its final version, Wonderland is defined by two separate tools: a smart directory of European animation studios and a development funding tool for projects co-produced by pre-identified studios. Granted upon provision of market-oriented studio profile information, the Wonderland label will give animation professionals of the concerned territories exclusive access to a quality network of potential project partners. Labelled territories will have the option to take part in the new development funding initiative called White Marketing Rabbit programme and designed to fund the marketing stage of selected projects produced in two or several Wonderland territories.

At the end of the meeting and after a Q&A session, participants recognized ALICE’s new tools perfectly complemented each other to initiate a true culture of co-production. They expressed their strong interest in seeing both the directory and the White Marketing Rabbit programme implemented in their regions.