On March 17, 2021, the Rseszow Regional Development Agency co-organised with the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (WSIZ) a follow-up meeting with the Polish Animation Producers Association (SPPA) to discuss ways to better serve the future development of the animation sector in Poland. Co-hosted by Mr.Łukasz Bis, Vice-Dean of WSIZ’s College of Media and Social Communication for Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production, the session took place within the framework of the ALICE project, shortly after the release of ALICE’s industry survey results about training.

As the survey had helped identify the most market-desirable competencies to develop, Mr. Bis was able to present a comprehensive collaboration proposal to SPPA aiming to co-design educational programmes of excellence. He re-expressed the crucial importance of regularly consulting with the industry to deliver quality and up-to-date education to students in animation. The SPPA representatives present enthusiastically received the cooperation proposal and committed to presenting it to their Management Board with a view of signing a cooperation agreement shortly.

This promising meeting marks a concrete step forward in the efforts to consolidate the Polish animation industry network. The new collaboration taking shape is in line with ALICE’s priorities of building a competitive ecosystem favourable to the competitiveness of companies and supported by a qualified workforce and internationally recognized talent. To be continued.