The second interregional workshop of the APPROVE project will take place on Tuesday April 2 in Ioannina, the capital of the Greek region of Epirus.

With the invited stakeholders from the regions involved in the project (Epirus, Lapland, Normandy, Castilla y León) and the support of the advisory partner Poliedra, the territorial partners will discuss about the regional gaps, needs and challenges as regards public participation and stakeholder engagement for the promotion of renewable energy.  The lead partner, Regional Council of Lapland, has invited also the S3 Bioenergy partnership to participate in the event.

For the following day, the Region of Epirus has organised several site visits, including a visit to Liapatis Poultry Farm, producing biogas, a visit to the local Waste Management Treatment Plant, and a visit to the Aoos Dam. 

On April 4 the project partners will have their second steering committee meeting.