The APPROVE partner Normandy Region is glad to share the study Analysis, identification of tools and actions, recommendations for the development of participatory and citizen-led renewable energy projects in Normandy (English version, French version), commissioned to the 7vents Cooperative in association with Enercoop Normandie.  The idea is to get a support to design ways to encourage local ownership on energy issues, as well as achieve a greater likelihood that local residents will welcome renewables in their area. 

The study is organized in three parts.

First, the potentials for renewables are presented, along with the Normandy context, and the advantages of such a participatory and citizen-led initiative are underlined.

Next, practices in other French regions are introduced, giving the reader a clear view of the different options available.

Finally, the study focuses on Normandy proposing a framework which could be adopted by the Normandy Region to promote citizen involvement. Various recommendations concerning strategic documents and the policy approach are also given.

We believe that the study can be of interest also for other European regions that intend to promote this kind of projects.

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