On February 11, the fifth APPROVE interregional workshop was a great occasion for the project partners and some of their regional stakeholders to update each other about the progress of their preliminary action plans. It was a “peer review workshop”, where every partner asked other partners and their stakeholders for advise on specific issues and open questions that need to be addressed in finalizing their action plans.

The objective was to reinforce the interregional exchange in an alternative way, since the COVID-19 situation is preventing the partnership to complete their exchange of experience through face-to-face meetings and site visits. Before the workshop every partner had shared with the others an updated draft of the action plan accompanied with a list of questions.

The topics discussed included the representation of indicators to assess the energy transition in Lapland, the involvement of the public in preparing a regional framework for the promotion of citizen energy projects in Normandy, and several points about the good practices that inspired the action plan of Castilla y Leon.

We are sure that this kind of mutual advice, which will continue during these last months of the project’s phase 1, will allow to improve the quality of the APPROVE regional action plans, with regards to clarity, contents and effectiveness.