What is objective of site visit?
Main objective is to match-make partners initializing water reuse projects with partners with relevant know-how. Site visit is organized on base of exchanging best practices of all AQUARES partners. 

Site visit content
The site visit aim is to familiarize the participants about water reuse and treatment. The site visit aims to transfer experience on water reuse implementation and monitoring key themes of site visit. The site visit is organized online by application ZOOM.

Site visit program
On site visit will be seen “The Botanica K – system of grey waste water management” and “Hydrogeopark Pátek”.

The site visit reflects good practice in the Czech Republic. Botanica K and Hydrogeopark Pátek are examples of good practice that AQUARES partners can apply in their regions. The best practice support will be provided through RRA PK or directly by organizations. The organizations are very open to share the best practice. The RRA PK and organizations from Czech Republic would like to be informed about the process in partners region and about the implementation situation.