Implementation period of the project is coming to an end, the final dissemination event showcased action plans of each partner and presented to the wider community how the actions have been implemented in partner's regions.

Discussion revolved around the challenges and enables that implementing partners have faced during this process, including the identification of funding opportunities, and innovative solutions for resource recovery, efficiency, and wastewater reuse safety procedures.

Experience from the project we could share with the project partners, political representatives from the regions, stakeholders and cooperating institutions. Also with the policy makers and representatives of the Interreg Europe program secretariat.

The goal of the conference was to evaluate the AQUARES project with an emphasis on the second phase, which consists in the implementation of action plans of partner organizations. The morning part was dedicated to the presentation of the project's achievements and was directed by the project's leading partner and hosting partner. The afternoon part was about the progress and implementation of the partners' individual action plans.

The AQUARES project will end on 5/31/2023. However, the partners will continue their activities that they started during the implementation of the project. All project outputs and good practice examples will continue to be shared on the Interreg Europe website in library section.