Though all roads lead to Rome, there are some of them which are shorter than others. Some of them are wide and straight but later reveal as narrow and with some drawbacks. To start a journey is always an adventurous task, a pilgrimage with a clear starting point but an uncertain end. Similarly, AQUARES have started a journey of 36 months long that has faced many moments of success as well as others of uncertainty due to unprecedented health emergencies worldwide.
Thus, during the Covid Pandemic most of the partners thought about ‘what road should we take now to not alter the course of the project?’ Not with standing the doubts, hindrance and limitations concerned the physical contact and free movement of the people, all  partners kept their interest alive in order not to delay the development of all the activities and deliverables of that phase. Therefore, all the exchange of experience activities initially planned to be carried out in a face-to-face interaction during 2020 and 2021, have been rearranged and reshaped to be celebrated online. Consequently, activities such as workshops, study visits and site visits, focused on capacity building among stakeholders and partners, have been advantageously performed.
Throughout its trajectory, AQUARES has contributed to the building of a strong community amongst partners, water providers and stakeholders who worked together to supporting efficient water reuse management. All the results gathered throughout the two phases, are openly offered on its website library for consultation. From the most outstanding outcomes we can highlight the interchangeably Good Practices deliverable, based on European territories needs detected and implemented in their territories through Action Plans to several Analysis reports on territorial needs and opportunities for water reuse pathways.
Since AQUARES has come to its we may affirm that terms as Community, Work and Progress, could be perfectly attached to AQUARES’ slogan that provides a depiction of its trajectory and interest in achieving further cooperation or synergies with other European projects, and future investigation in wastewater domain.