The site and study visit were planned originally in physical form in the fourth semester - in April 2019, but the pandemic situation and virus COVID19 stopped most of the events, not just in the Czech Republic. Many partners of AQUARES project had restriction of traveling, organizing meetings etc. RRA PK partner from the Czech Republic agreed with the lead partner, Murcia, on the organization of the site visit in online regime to achieve this activity. It was also recommended by the Join Secretariat of program Interreg Europe.

The best practices that was showed on the site visit were based on interest of partners based on final report A3.3 Site visits Exchange to match make desired water reuse initiatives with appropriate technologies and business models developed by partner project AQUARES Murcia. The following partners shown interest: SSW, Lodzkie, FLA, Trenbje and Baltic Coast. In online version of the meeting we invited all AQUARES partners to participate with their stakeholders, because the meeting was available to anyone from anywhere. In online version participated 9 partners from all 10 partners that we see the impact of the online version was much bigger versus the physical form.

The best practices that were shown on the study visit were chosen by RRA PK on base of the best practices that the Pardubice region could demonstrate. There is not any methodology how to organize the study visit yet. The study visit supposed to be organized physically to give partners better understanding of the shown best practices. Online version in compare to the physical version, the online version has better availability for participants, saving the time to travel, and is safer due to the pandemic situation. We see in RRA PK the online version of this kind as a great added value to connect people through online meetings.

In the library please find the report from site and study visit.