The topic of the workshop is „Sustainability and Efficiency of Microfinance Programs“. The first day deals with policy instruments of the City of Offenbach and the state of Hesse. We intend to describe initiatives, programs and strategies of the public sector to promote entrepreneurship and access to finance. The second day is more focused on alternative microfinance models, which were developed to support underserved traget groups and best practice to make microfinance programs more efficient and ensure quality. The third day focuses on implementation of new findings in different regions.

Workshop: 24.10. – 26.10.2016

Day 1: Sustainability and efficiency of micro-finance programmes: 

Regional and local approaches and solutions

9:00 Arrival, Registration
9:30 Welcome speech: KIZ Jörg Schoolmann
9:45 Welcome speech: Lead Partner FEA Tibor Szekfü
10:00Welcome speech: City of Offenbach Stadtrat Peter Freier, City of Offenbach
10:30Round of introduction, Highlights of the 1st semester Jörg Schoolmann, KIZ SINNOVA
11:00 Expectations Jörg Schoolmann

Inclusive Growth in a Context of Diversity. Urban, Economic, and Social Development in the City of Offenbach.
11:15 Key Note

- Economic and Social Development in a context of Diversity

- Policy Instrument: Masterplan Offenbach Dr Matthias Schulze-Böing, City of Offenbach
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Application and selection procedures of the combined scheme in Economic Development Operational Programme (EDOP) 2007-2013, HU Hungarian Ministry for National Economy


The Staropolski Equity Fund (Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce, PL)

Support of SMEs by Bank Zachodni WBK, PL Mariusz Kowaiski, Kielce/Poland

14:10 Microcredit program by HAMAG BICRO Marina Šandor Krznarić, PORA/Croatia
14:30Public entrepreneurship support schemes and access to (micro-) finance Jochen Bloss, DMI
14:50 Q&A
14:45 Coffee Break
15:15  Sustainability of microfinance programs

A Resilience Check usind the Business model Canvas

Presentation of results Jörg Schoolmann, KIZ

16:15 Summary of Day 1, new findings all

Day 2 : 20 Years of Microfinance in Germany 

9:30 A brief History of German Microfinance Jochen Bloss, DMI
10:00 The Trust-Based Partnership Model for Microcredit Provision:

- Separation of functional roles to increase efficiency Jörg Schoolmann
11:00 Q&A
11:15Coffee Break
11:45Best Practice :Sustainability of entrepreneurial microfinance programs of non-profit microfinance institutions Szabó Károly, ZMVA/Hungary

SODEBUR (Burgos Province Development Society) micro credits facility. Juan Carlos Martínez Barrio, CEEI-Burgos/Spain
12:30 Q&A
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Steering-Group Meeting : Lead Partner
14:45 Q&A

15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Best Practice form Sardina Autonomous Region of Sardina
15:45 Best Practice form Norway Microfinans Norge
16:30 Summary of Day 2, new findings all

Day 3


9:30 Overview on the project actions in Semester 2 FEA
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Diskussion, Work Groups:

- How can we better support young entrepreneurs who have the potential for growth and to create jobs?

- How can we implement the experience and learnings in our regions? Work Groups, all

 Experiences of the 1st phase of interregional learning FEA
12:45Lunch & Networking