The study trip started with a welcome speech by Mr. Raffaele Paci (Vice President, Sardinia Region) who stressed the relevance of the project for the social and economic development of the territory, in particular with reference to those groups with major difficulties in accessing credit. 

    In order to measure the social impact of the actions it is necessary to exchange experiences and ideas about policy approaches for financial inclusion, assessment of social outreach and social business financing. This was the programme of the workshop organised by the Sardinian Partner Autonomous Region of Sardinia in May in Cagliari. The participants also discussed the exchange of the policies which can be utilized in other regions as well. Identification of success factors and of the possible impact of the policy exchange to the local/regional policies were considered.

The participants introduced good practices that should be further deployed at local level and included in the regional Action Plan. One of these is the programme introduced by the Sardinian partner, that aims at creating a system of smart grids in order to ensure security and stability in the regional energy's sector. Further diversifying the energy mix and decreasing harmful greenhouse emissions are also important goals.

On the third day of the field trip the participants visited a local cultural site, the Manifattura Tabacchi in Cagliari.