Jörg Schoolmann described the aim of the project and its lifecycle. On the one hand the  project intends to improve the policy instrument of the City of Offenbach to strengthen and support start-ups, SMEs to make the City of Offenbach more attractive. All partners of the “City of Entrepreneurs” project were invited to participate in the improvement of the policy instrument in order to make Offenbach more attractive for start-ups and allow for the creation of jobs. 

 Access to finance

One of the project’s goals is to improve the access to finance. To this end the revival of the  micro-loan “ostpol°-Kredit” was suggested. The experience in micro-finance among the stakeholder-group was highlighted. Jörg Schoolmann pointed out, that the project partners have different experience in the field of micro-finance and supporting SMEs in their region. 

The project partners will identify good practise and share the results with the stakeholdergroup.  The results will be shared and discussed with the stakeholder group. New ideas and innovation will be analysed with regard to their applicability. 

 Identification of the policy instrument

Dr. Matthias Schulze-Böing, the representative oft he City of Offenbach, suggested to use  the “Masterpaln Offenbach” (http://www.masterplan-offenbach.de | download in pdf format) as a reference guide and to create ideas where the Masterplan as a long-term strategy leaves room for new ideas and suggestions. The Masterplan Offenbach has been identified as the relevant policy instrument. 


 Community Building

Markus Weidner moderated the discussion about community building. Different ideas,  suggestions and needs were discussed. The stakeholder group agreed to align the different training offers for SMEs. 

Topics for future consideration

Strategy: Does the current strategy meet the needs of SMEs?

Offers: Are the current offers sufficient to attract new start-ups and SMEs?

Marketing: Does the current marketing strategy reach out to new start-ups and SMEs?