Import workshop #02  - Tartu incorporates good practices from Gävle and Nyíregyháza.

"Location": Zoom
Date: 11 February 2022
Host: Tartu, EE


10.00-10.15     Introduction of the agenda & Objectives of BETTER project                                                                           by Artur Kamberg Moderator and Anneli Säälik Service Development Manager
10.15-11.00     Gävle good practices: Service design and e-services including Organisation of digital                           renew; Examples of working methods/tools; An e-service: Submit your proposal to                           Gävle municipality /errors (problems) you can report to Gävle by Marie Nilsson,           
                          Head of Digitalisation Unit
11.00-11.10    Break
11.10-11.40    Nyíregyháza good practices: Budget visualization; Urban Dialogue by Örs Szokolay                          Managing Director CEURINA and Nikoletta Lupo Project Manager of MEGAKOM
11.40- 12.00   Introduction of the main key points of the draft Tartu Regional Action Plan (RAP)                          Comments and discussion with experts of partners by Artur Kamberg and Anneli                          Säälik
12.00-14.00    Workshop continues as Tartu's internal event