On the 28th of February 2020 we gathered in Palazzo Tursi with two of Comune di Genova main stakeholder: representatives from the Municipality IT Department and Mr. Filippo Costa, one of BETTER ICT expert and stakeholder for his experience in public-private partnership. 

There was a lot to discuss and we started from the “elefant in the room”: the spread of Coronavirus in Italy and Europe and the need of delaying the next Thematic Event in Birmingham that was supposed to take place in March. 

We agreed that despite none of the partners’ city has been hit so far, the situation in Italy is particularly difficult and the best decision is to delaying the event to the first date available, that will probably be next May. 

Then, we updated Mr Filippo Costa, the IT expert that already came to Tartu Temathic Event, with the main topics of Birmingham’s event draft agenda (on the topic “Processes to support new business models and ways of working across private public sector and with citizens”) and he added some usefull ideas that we will share with the other partners in order to have everything prepared once the event will eventually take place. 

After that, Mr Filippo Costa updated us with the news related to C1A0 Expo – Accessible Innovation, the second edition of the international exhibition dedicated to Artificial Intelligence that will be held in Genoa next November 2020. 

The first edition took place in the prestigious location of Palazzo San Giorgio, on 15th- 16th November 2019, and was a good example of the success of the cooperation of a network of public and private institutions: Liguria Region and the Municipality of Genoa as institutional partners, Liguria International, Liguria Digitale and Digital Tree as members of the executive committee, and various local entities dealing with artificial intelligence as partners from the Italian Institute of Technology to Confindustria Genova, from the DIBRIS Department of the University of Genoa to the Science Festival, from the Genoa Chamber of Commerce to the Digital Enterprise Point, from Genoa Talent Garden to Mixura, from Fos Group to Netalia. 

Considering the good outcome of the previous year and the relevance of the exhibitions with the project BETTER we decided to partecipate with our partners to the 2020 edition and we begin the planning with Filippo Costa, who’s part of the executive committee and who will also host the event this year. 

As a matter of fact this year the event will take place in the “Acquarium”, one of Genoa main attractions within “Porto Antico”, and this choice will also allow the partecipation of an international audicence.