Several of our Beyond EDP Good Practices have been published in the Interreg Good Practice Database. Below an overview

MAHREG Automotive

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg - Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany 

The MAHREG Automotive network combines the vehicle technology expertise of a large number of supplier companies in Saxony-Anhalt. Read more

Ambition Research Development 2020

Conseil Régional du Centre-Val de Loire - Centre, France

Cooperation between Research Institutes and/or Universities and companies through high-level structuring R&D programs (Ambition Research Development 2020). Read more

Open Innovation Call

Northern Netherlands Alliance - Groningen, Netherlands 

The Call is an innovative ERDF instrument that puts objectives first rather than activities. Because it doesn’t define actions in advance, it is flexible. Read more

LAG TAGUS promoting Smart Specialisation in the scope of Rural Development

Local Action Group Tajo-Salor-Almonte - Extremadura, Spain 

Methodology to attract research and innovation processes to rural territories through Smart Specialisation and based on the work of Local Action Groups (LAGs). Read more

Office for innovation (O4i)

FUNDECYT-PCTEX - Extremadura, Spain 

The Office for innovation (O4i) is a support tool to promote an effective connection between knowledge generating bodies and the business fabric of the region. Read more

Identification of the Regional Specialisation Pattern

Regional Government of Castilla Y León - Castilla y León, Spain

Use of EDP to elaborate the Regional Specialisation Pattern as the basis for the selection of the RIS3 thematic priorities. Read more

EDP management to develop Strategic Plan of the cluster and to design day-to-day activities

Food Industry Cluster of Castilla y León - Castilla y León, Spain

Use of EDP to develop the Strategy Plan and to design effective and high-impact projects and activities by the agro-food cluster of Castilla y León, Vitartis. Read more

RIS3 Thematic Working Groups

FUNDECYT-PCTEX - Extremadura, Spain 

Creation of working groups as part of the RIS3 governance model, as an instrument of dynamisation, participation and empowerment of regional stakeholders. Read more