Recently, the technical document "Better data, better decisions: increasing the impact of Biodiversity information" has been translated to Basque and Spanish, the two official languages of Basque Country. 

Now, stakeholders in the Basque Country have access to the report in their own language, which will undoubtedly bring this useful guide closer to their daily work. It will also allow them to see how their valuable contributions made in the regional participatory workshops have been taken into account.

The report is the culmination of three years of work by nine partners from seven European regions. Through five interregional workshops – all focusing on different themes – and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, a huge amount of experience has been shared and collated into this guide.

Recommendations from these experiences are set out, demonstrating how best to provide, obtain, and use biodiversity data for use in decisionmaking contexts, and ultimately increase their impact, and that of the funds allocated to  them for European natural heritage preservation. 

In addition to this report, the two key lesson briefs corresponding to the interregional workshops "Information needs for decision makers" and "Matching information to needs" have also been translated into Basque and Spanish.

The translations are only available in electronic version on the Basque website of BID-REX  and have been disseminated to all local stakeholders through the project's newsletter.

Although the BID-REX project formally ends on March 31, in the Basque Country we will continue to develop the Action Plan. In the next Social Forum on Biodiversity we will monitor the actions developed.