The Slovenian partners finalized the Pilot Action "Evidence based nature conservation in Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park" which let them obtain valuable recommendations for evidence-based conservation of the Natural Parks’ biodiversity. The purpose of the pilot action was to test the "Biodiversity Audit" method, a Good Practice developed by the University of East Anglia and successfully used in three nature conservation areas in the UK, for the design of conservation measures in the Ljubljana Marsh Natural Park.

The main goal of the Pilot Action was to determine which biodiversity and how successfully it is protected by current nature protection measures in the Ljubljana Marsh, with an emphasis on the Agricultural-Environmental-Climate Payments scheme. The method was adapted and experimentally performed only on the biodiversity of terrestrial, non-forest environments of the Ljubljana Marsh.

The pilot action identified that conservation efforts should be oriented towards protection of beetles, butterflies and moths, higher plants, fungi and mosses, as the most priority species rich groups in the Ljubljana Marsh, and that only 10% of all identified priority species are protected by current conservation measures, such as regulation of mowing and related measures.

All results are widely explained in the final report of the Pilot Action which is available here.

Photo: Davorin Tome