Virtual study visit and Good Practices
16th of June: 10.00-12.30 (CET)

The DREAM cluster invites you to have more details about the good practices in smart water management on its territory.
3 sessions will give you more details:

1. Governance
   * The practices of the Loire-Bretagne Water Agency in collecting, sharing and promoting water quality data by the Agence de l'eau Loire-Bretagne
   * Management of low water levels in the Loire by EDF
2. Collaborative project
   * JUNON Project: creation of a digital research center on the continental environment by BRGM
3. Innovation & Digitalization
   * Covid-19 City Watch by SUEZ
   * Flood warning system on the Orléans canal by Conseil départemental du Loiret
   * Hub'eau: all water-related data in near-real time by BRGM

Exchange of experiences activities
17th of June: 10.00-12.30 (CET)

The project partners will share initiatives and good practices of their territories in relation to the topics covered during the study visit.
Here are the topics that will be shared:
   * Project Based Learning on Water Management – linking learning processes with real-world challenges
   * Information about modeling and using scenario-tools, cooperation and management actions
Access to data suitable for reuse from water information database
   * Water Quality Monitoring With The Use Of Robotic Boats
   * GIS in Water management