11h00    Welcome (lead partner)

11h10    WP1 –Exchange of experience activities
   •    Action Plan – State of play: (TC coordinator + all partners)
   •    Project good practices – State of play: (TC coordinator)
      o    Project good practices database (TC coordinator)
      o    Selection of the good practices to be upload at the Policy Learning Platform (TC coordinator + all partners)
   •    Matchings - state of play: (TC coordinator): (TC coordinator)
   •    Next events:
      o    Lithuania (KAUNAS)
         •    Virtual study visit
         •    Exchange of experiences activities
      o    Spain (AIMRD)
         •    Knowledge transfer seminar
   •    Local Stakeholders Group meetings – State of play (all partners)
12h10    WP 2 –Communication activities (Communication Manager)
   •    Summary of the communication activities developed since the last Steering Committee meeting.
   •    Project website – Access and usage statistics.
   •    Project social networks – State of play.
   •    Project newsletter
   •    Communication outputs – State of play.

12h30    WP3 –Management and coordination activities (Lead Partner)
   •    Budget major change – debate and approval (all partners)
   •    4th execution report preparation
   •    Project technical and financial execution level (all partners).
   •    Next period activities
   •    Next Steering Committee Date

13h15    End of the meeting