10h30    Welcome (lead partner)

10h40    WP3 –Management and coordination activities (Lead Partner)
•    Budget major change – state of play
•    Mid-term review
•    5th execution report preparation
•    Next period activities
•    Next Steering Committee Date
•    Let’s Cooperate event (Lile, April 2022)
12h00    WP1 –Exchange of experience activities
•    Action Plan – update of the state of play made during the knowledge transfer seminar: (TC coordinator + all partners)
•    Project good practices – State of play of the upload on the Policy Learning Platform: (TC coordinator+ all partners)
•    Next events:
     o    Brussels, June 2022 (RDFA)
          -    Interregional Workshop
•    Local Stakeholders Group meetings – State of play (all partners)

13h00    WP 2 –Communication activities (Communication Manager)
•    New Interreg Europe Website (LP)
•    Summary of the communication activities developed since the last Steering Committee meeting.
•    Project website – Access and usage statistics.
•    Project social networks – State of play.
•    Project newsletter
•    Communication outputs – State of play

13h15    End of the meeting