During the site visit organized by the Romanian partner NURE (Uniunea Nationala a Patronatului Roman), a very interesting presentation was carried out by the R&D director of a Japanese nanotechnology R+D company live from Japan. This company is a partner of a research and technology transfers initiatives implemented in Romania through the Center for Innovation, Research and Technology Transfer "nano for health & clean environment".

This participation was received with great interest by the members of our project consortium because real cases were presented  in which these solutions were implemented, like the one shown in the bellow image (Oil recovery work in Omachi Town). Also, the project partners could see the potential of nanofiber and the possible solutions to water pollution problems in a live real demo carried out by the Japanese researchers  (Please click here to watch a demo)

Undoubtedly, this participation favored the exchange of good practices with Japan. Likewise, and through this exchange of experiences, the Japanese experts had the opportunity to get to know the Interreg Europe program and how it offers opportunities for regional and local public authorities across Europe to share ideas and experience on public policy.

More about nanofiber

Nanofiber is a fibrous material with a diameter range between 1nm and 1000nm and possesses new properties that are not found in conventional fiber. It is also termed as a super material.

Microfiber / Nano Size Effect

(Air) resistance and pressure loss can be greatly reduced due to the ultra-fine fiber diameter. This will bring innovations to filter products.

Ultra-specific Surface Area Effect

With overwhelmingly large specific surface area per unit mass, many applications of various industries can be created by capitalizing on its strengths such as “High absorption”, “Strong adhesion” and “High molecular recognition”.

This company research in collaboration with Doshisha University, one of Japan’s leading private universities in Kyoto in the development/optimization of new Nanofiber manufacturing equipment, in the acquisition / analysis of various characteristic data and the presentation of our research at academic conferences etc. They worked jointly towards the advancement of development and commercialization of Nanofiber.

More about the Company: http://www.mtechx.co.jp/eng/