Under the BIGDATA 4RIVERS project, the first matching pairs activities between the project partners took place in December 2021. These activities aim to provide a more detailed knowledge of part of the good practices presented during the interregional learning process.
In this context, each partner, depending on its reality and needs, selected the good practices that for different reasons would have greater transferability potential for its territory, thus being able to contribute to the development of its action plan. To this end bilateral meetings were held between the partner who presented the good practice (host) and those interested in deepening their knowledge about it (receptors). It should be noted that the nature of the good practices selected for these “Matching Pairs” activities was diverse, including more technological domains, such as the ICT application in the water management, but also the governance and cooperation between stakeholders and also the promotion and sharing of knowledge between academic and business institutions and actors interested in this type of information.
CIM Alto Minho, project lead partner, hosted two "matching pairs", in the interest of clarify the doubts of the partners about the good practices "Cross-border collaboration in the implementation of projects and signed conventions related to water management" and "NOR-WATER Emerging pollutants in the waters of Galicia - Northern Portugal: new tools for risk management". To support these activities, two entities involved in the implementation of these good practices were invited: the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR).
As receptor and stakeholder, CIM Alto Minho also participated in three other "matching pairs", focused on the governance theme, in particular participatory and co-responsible governance at a local or regional level. The good practices selected for these sessions were:
•    “Local Action Plans - River Tinnerbäcken”, presented by the swedish partner;
•    “Regional cooperation (public research centers, private bodies, public entities) to promote new and innovative projects for a better management of water resources”, presented by the french partner;
•    Hub’Eau – dissemination of open water data via Application Programming Interface”, also presented by the french partner;
The sessions proved to be very fruitful, given the possibility for partners to work closely and clarify technical, methodological and operational doubts regarding the best practices of their interest, as well as to contact the stakeholders in each region.
The BIGDATA 4RIVERS project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Interreg Europe Programme.