The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE), Mechanical Engineering department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, participated in an info-day titled "Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy" organized by the Municipality of Kozani and Waste Management System of Western Macedonia (DIADIMA S.A.), in the frame of the projects INTERREG-SYMBI and LIFE M3P. Partners of the BIOREGIO project decided to take this opportunity for communicating the scope and aims of the project. About 50 stakeholders participated at this event.

Dr. Vlachocostas, a member of the research team of AUT, referred to the work of the team in the framework of the BIOREGIO program. Issues analysed included concepts such as circular economy, bio-waste, ecological planning, industrial symbiosis. The innovative and efficient European waste management technologies and the best practices applied in Lahti, Finland (as observed during the 1st interregional meeting) that could be a stepping-stone for the move towards a more circular approach to the issue, were thoroughly presented. “The way we manage our garbage is a good indicator of our cultural level” he mentioned while ending his speech.

Following the BIOREGIO project presentation, the delegates were informed on successful stories of public and private sector cooperation in waste management plans implementation, the use of fly ash in road construction and the industrial symbiosis for the production of combustion biomass.

The participation in this info-day was very useful for all participants; besides the communication and dissemination of the circular economy aspects stakeholders companies, universities, local and regional authorities found a common ground for discussion on the “next day” in organic waste management.

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