Summary of the progress:
The project team from Växjö Municipality has been working on the Action Plan to implement the routines in the spatial planning and building process. They are following the schedule and starting to formalize and implement the activities one by one. They have mainly been working with documents about ecosystem services in the comprehensive plan, guidelines for building actors, new Arc GIS layers, and planning for an education meant for the key persons in the Municipality as regards to ecosystem services. They will keep on working on the Action Plan and implement all routines in the most efficient way.  They have also started the “Green group”, a group of people working with blue and green infrastructure in different ways to meet on regular basis and keep each other updated and share experiences.
In Växjö they have a sustainable week called Earth Week, where they intend to share knowledge about different things about sustainability for the future. During this Week, they have put information about ecosystem services and nature-based solutions on several places around the Municipality, both on good building practices and recreation areas.

Activities carried out:
-    Two meetings per week with the project team focusing on the activities in the Action Plan.

-    One Steering Group Meeting.

-    Start up of the Green group – one meeting every month.

-    Communication about ecosystem services on Earth Week.