On July 13th 2021, RDA Porin organized the 4th Stakeholder meeting in Rijeka in the form of a small conference of up to 20 people in line with Covid-19 restrictions.

During the conference, the RDA Porin representative presented the Interreg Europe Blue Green City project and detected problems in green infrastructure within Rijeka region while a Director of the Development, Urban Planning and Ecology Division from the City Department of Development, Urbanism, Ecology and Land Management, presented the Green Infrastructure of the City of Rijeka, in order to stimulate the discussion on how to improve the green and blue infrastructure planning and implementation processes in the City of Rijeka.
The discussion focused primarily on the improvement of urban blue and green infrastructure by examining the possibilities of effective planning and connecting green infrastructures at strategic, spatial planning, implementation and financial levels in the City of Rijeka with the key question of recognizing the importance of implementing the green infrastructure concept in order to strengthen resilience and adaptation to climate change in urban areas and as a bearer of the identity of space that contributes to the development of the economy and society as a whole.
During the meeting, RDA Porin also conducted a survey to collect information from the key stakeholders (from City Departments, Regional Municipality, Nature Parks, University etc.) on green and blue infrastructure concept understanding and knowledge of relevant existing BGI local documents, as well as to examine the interest in encouraging cross-sectoral cooperation or initiatives to establish a working group that would include all stakeholders in the field of establishment, planning and implementation of green urban infrastructures.
The event was audio and video recorded.

Before the 4th Stakeholder meeting, RDA Porin organized a one-on-one 3rd Stakeholder meeting in  January 2021 in a form of a telephone call (due to then restricting Covid-19 measures) with the representatives from the City of Rijeka Department of Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management to discuss the recent Study of Green Infrastructure of the City of Rijeka, as an expert basis that represents an integral form of viewing open spaces and the basis for drafting the Strategy of Green Infrastructure of the City of Rijeka, with the aim of sustainable development of the City space that recognizes and gives importance to green and open spaces and their numerous functions (ecological, social, economic, protective and urban morphological).