The 7th Interregional Learning Event will take place in South-Limburg from 26th to 27th of March 2019.

Tourist Board South Limburg will host the project partners in South Limburg.

During the 7th ILE will be discussed: a) the analysis of all Good practices based on key performance indicators, b) the Action Plan format methodology and c) how to set up the Action Plan.

During the first day of the event (26th March), partners will participate in a guided tour (study visit) in the historic centre of Sittard, related to the GP Limburg Lonkt.

The second day of the ILE (27th March) will start with the Steering Committee Meeting of BRANDTour project.

The closure of the 7th ILE includes another study visit: Bicycling using E-bike in the typical landscape of South-Limburg with the typical flowering fruit trees, related to the GPs RoutePunt and Landscape Foundation.

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