More and more vineyards 'shooting up' from the ground, winegrowers producing internationally award-winning wines and with a Protected Designation of Origin: South Limburg is becoming increasingly successful as a wine region. No less than 32% of the total Dutch wine grapes are grown on this rich marl soil. This - together with the many slopes and the craftsmanship of the wine grower - is reflected in our wines.

Currently, Zuid-Limburg has around 20 professional vineyards with approximately 90 hectares planted.

In order to continue to promote this, we are conducting a campaign with the aim of putting South Limburg on the map as a wine region, both for guests and for our own residents, and thus to promote high-quality tourism. This promotional video is an essential part of the marketing campaign, which will be deployed on a large scale. We portrayed the experience of viticulture and the passion of the winemakers. Thanks to the winemakers, we can promote the region as a wine region, hence it is important that the winemakers are the face of the film and give power to the story. In the end; “This is a story of you and me.”

The story of Wine region South Limburg (NL) from Visit Zuid-Limburg on Vimeo.