Within the Balearic Islands strategy reflected on BRANDTour Action Plan to increase SMEs competitiveness and improving capacity building on tourism professionals, this 2022 the Balearic Islands Agency for Tourism (AETIB) is offering more than 20 training courses on “Co-creating experiential, innovative and sustainable tourism products” targeted at tourism companies and, especially, members of the Strategic Tourism Segments (SETs) of the Islands.

The objective of these training workshops is to provide tourism professionals and companies of the Balearic Islands with the tools and knowledge to make them more resilient and better align their services with the demands of the new current clients.

In 2021 AETIB organised several online training Workshops for SMEs, that were very successful, with more than 118 participants and a satisfaction rate of 95%. The topics covered were: Product knowledge, innovation and specialisation, Digital transformation, Digital Marketing, PostCovid new scenarios, Sustainability and Networking.

Following the great results of 2021 courses, AETIB launched this 2022 a bigger offer of training courses developed both, online and classroom-based. The 29 courses started on February 2022 and will last till April. These courses that are now being delivered, cover the following knowledge areas:

  • Networking:

        -    Rethinking MICE tourism, March 22, 4’5 hours, classroom-based

        -    The ABC of MICE, March 14, 4 hours, streaming

  • Digital marketing and digital transformation:

        -    Digital marketing for cultural tourism, February 15, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Marketing of sports events, February 16, 4 hours, streaming

        -    How to create content strategy to reach clients, April 6, 4 hours, streaming

        -    How to analyse data to achieve new business opportunities, March 16 and 17, 6 hours, streaming

  • Innovation and trends:

        -    Trends in MICE tourism: from the senses to the emotions, February 17, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Keys to attract MICE market, February 22, 3 hours, streaming

        -    Creation of wellness tourism products, February 23, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Luxury products design: how to create value through experience, February 24, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Happy destinations as a tourist attraction strategy, February 28, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Organization of virtual and hybrid MICE events, March 2 and 3, 6 hours, streaming

        -    Communication and marketing for Slow Tourism products, March 4, 4 hours, streaming

        -    New trends and digital nomads, March 9, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Wine tourism: latest trends in wine and gastronomy, March 15, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Sports and active tourism: trends and alliances, March 23, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Towards the future of sustainable tourism: ecotourism and nature tourism, March 30 and 31, 8 hours, streaming

        -    Quality and ROI in MICE tourism, April 7, 4 hours, streaming

  • Sustainability:

        -    How to plan a sustainable tourist destination, March 7, 4 hours, streaming

        -    Sustainability certifications: which one to choose, April 5, 3 hours, streaming

  • New scenarios post COVID:

        -    Post-Covid tourism: new paradigm, new trends, March 28, 3 hours, streaming

  • Other courses:

        -    First aid and use of semi-automatic external defibrillators in non-health centres, March 7 and 9 (in Mallorca), March 11 (in Menorca) and March 23 (in Ibiza), 8 hours each course, classroom-based

        -    Mountain rescue and intervention for non-health personnel, March 14 (Menorca) and March 21 (Ibiza), 6 hours, classroom-based

        -    Assistance and rescue at sea for non-health personnel, March 29 (Mallorca), April 1 (Ibiza), April 4 (Menorca), 6 hours, classroom-based

Working to improve the professionality and reinforcing the technical abilities and knowledge of the agents in the sector through training courses like these, is essential for tourism destinations like Balearic Islands, not only to help in the recovery process but also to be more competitive and to provide a warm, better and inclusive welcome to visitors. 

More information on: aetibformacio.illesbalears.travel/