The BRIDGES project was selected and contributed to the Virtual 18th Triple Helix Conference held on 15.-17.6.2020 addressing Future of Innovation and Innovation for Future. The virtual conference was hosted by the University of Tampere, in Finland.

The BRIDGES contribution was made in the Parallel Sections, Track 3 Innovation in transnational contexts, and focused on Transregional access to innovation on demand. It discussed the BRIDGES project experience, results and lessons learnt from the effort of effectively addressing mismatches of the knowledge and economic bases of the partner regions and thus rendering the RIS3 implementation more visible on the ground.

The presentation made during the conference is available:  XVIII THC_ BRIDGES project presentation_ 15-17 June 2020. The presentation links to a full paper under the same name, which will be considered for publication and which, “based on the evaluation of relevance, scientific contribution and quality of writing” was one of the ”three excellent academic articles,  awarded with the Best Paper Award in Triple Helix Conference 2020”.

The summary of the academic article is available here