Lagging Regions and BRIDGES projects are working together on a joint contribution to the University-to-Industry conference (7.6.2017, Dublin) focusing on increasing the effectiveness of RIS3 implementation through university-to-industry interactions.

The article discusses and compares the two projects’ approaches to university-to-industry interactions. The background of the article is the projects’ experience that less advanced regions face problems in effectively implementing their RIS3 strategies, i.e. in leading to renewal and growth, and among the biggest challenges are interactions with university.

In the paper, we examine key aspects of how university-to-industry partnerships are implemented in different European regional contexts, and aim at drawing conclusions for measurably and sustainably improved effectiveness of RIS3 implementation. The paper draws on evidence on such partnerships and approaches from the two ongoing closely complementary projects, namely the “BRIDGES” project and “Lagging Regions” project.

Visit our library to read the article in the file "BRIDGES synergies"