The Regional Science Association (RSA) organised the event Regions in Recovery / Global e-Festival (  The BRIDGES project partners Regional Councils of Helsinki-Uusimaa and of Kainuu, in Finland, collaborated and contributed an article (Redefining the place-based approach; practice-based insights, accessible here) and presentation to the event. The presentation was made in the context of the open session SS14, organised by the Friends of Smart Specialisation (FoSS), "Sectoral meets a bottom-up place-based perspective: love at first sight or a marriage of convenience?".

The key conclusion of the contribution is that the place-based approach, an essential dimension for any regional innovation strategy, is reinforced when strategic, well-defined, evidence-based long-term interregional collaborations are introduced. To achieve this objective, tools identifying interregional complementarities, tailored funding options, and interregional governance provisions are required.

Please find more information about the event here and a summary of the SS14 session presentations here.  The presentations are available here: .