Last 22nd October 2020, the BUILD2LC partners organised an on-line mini session concerning new energy culture, citizens involvement and energy poverty. This meeting is part of the preparatory working sessions for the Final Event focusing on results obtained from the Action Plans designed in participating regions.

Partners from the BUILD2LC Project, financed by the Interreg Europe programme, include the Andalusian Energy Agency in Spain,  the Public Investment and Development Agency (VIPA) of Lithuania, Severn Wye Energy Agency Ltd (SWEA), in UK, Rzeszów Regional Development Agency (RRDA) in Poland, North-West Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) in Croatia, Regional Jämtland Härjedalen (RJH) in Sweden, and the Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska (LEAG) in Slovenia.

The project aims to improve local, regional and national instruments on low carbon energy efficiency policy instruments from the participating regions.

The present on-line mini session focuses on outstanding examples concerning current development and actions already implemented on the working topic.