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2nd Regional Stakeholders Workshop - Portugal


Find out the results of the 2nd Portuguese Regional Stakeholders Workshop!

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Regional Stakeholder Workshops in Germany


German stakeholders discussed and enhanced municipal solutions to marine litter...

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Water Sports to clean German Waters


With help of the platform „Gewässerretter“, up to now almost 82.000 kilograms...

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French citizen science to reduce Marine Litter


Learn more about the French citizen science initiatives to reduce marine litter...

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Some tips for a more sustainable Christmas!


The 9 Project Partners from the CAPonLITTER project want to help you with 9...

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The power of commitment: Portuguese Plastics Pact


Discover the Portuguese Plastics Pact, presented on the 3rd Interregional...

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Deposit Refund System in Croatia


The Deposit Refund System Organisation in Croatia as an example of good practice...

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Waste management and environmental education


LIPOR presentes some of its projects to promote and support environmental...

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French economic incentives to reduce marine litter


Find here some French incentives to reduce plastic litter in coastal sites

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Beach Waste Management: The experience of Greece


Mrs Drakaki Eirini-Frantzeska, was invited to present the experience of Greece...

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Using economic incentives to prevent plastic litter


Dr Laura Foster, Head of the Clean Seas Programme at MCS, shares her experiences...

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Using youth innovative and creative thinking


Using youth innovative and creative thinking as a tool for changing the behavior...

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