The 2nd Spanish Regional Stakeholders’ Workshop of CAPonLITTER Project took place on the 28th of January 2021, and was organised by the IU-ECOAQUA (ULPGC), Project Partner 9 in the project and entitled 'The zero waste challenge on the coast of Fuerteventura'. Unlike the first workshop, this event had to be organised in online format due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Although the event was aimed mainly at actors of Fuerteventura island, the online format made possible the participation of stakeholders from other islands or regions, which enhanced mutual learning and enriched the participatory process under development in Fuerteventura.

The main objective of this second workshop was to make progress in the search for specific solutions to be implemented in order to contribute to prevent the appearance of marine litter in Fuerteventura, mainly from activities linked to tourism or recreational activities in the coastal areas of the island.

The workshop started with a welcome by Ricardo Haroun, deputy director of the IU-ECOAQUA and coordinator of CAPonLITTER actions as Project Partner 9. Following, team member Candy Cecilia introduced CAPonLITTER project, and Yaiza Fernández-Palacios explained the methodology for the collaborative identification and preparation of good practices. The participants reviewed together a compilation of good practices previously presented within CAPonLITTER project actions, mainly in the Interregional Learning Events (ILEs) and 1st Spanish Regional Stakeholders’ Workshop.

A rich debate on the great value of the experience collected to date through the exchange of experiences within CAPonLITTER actions was followed by the agreement to work on one good practice and have following specific meetings for the joint preparation of new good practices with the focus on implementation as part of the Action Plan for the improvement of the Policy Instrument related to the Tourism Strategic Plan of Fuerteventura.


                           Participants during the 2nd Regional Stakeholders' Workshop. 

Thus, the good practice chosen was the Blue Bag initiative, presented by Krk Island (Croatia) at the 2nd ILE, hosted online by the Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA) on July 9th, 2020. The experience gained from that practice was adapted to the context of Fuerteventura and the good practice template was filled in collecting the proposals of the participants at the 2nd RSW.

It was agreed that the action would be implemented under the joint coordination of the Marine Litter Observatory of Fuerteventura (OBAM) and CAPonLITTER Project via IU-ECOAQUA team, and with the participation of main stakeholders involved, mainly the Biosphere Reserve of Fuerteventura, Clean Ocean Project, Martínez Cano, Plascan, the fishermen organizations and the operators of recreational activities at sea.

You may find the summary report (in English) of this workshop HERE.

Photo credits of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve: Bruno Lanzarote .