The third workshop of the Region of Crete was successfully held on Friday 11/06/2021 within the framework of CAPonLITTER project.

During the workshop, George Alexakis, Regional Councillor of Crete, European and International Affairs Officer, highlighted that Crete has all the potentials to be an environmentally friendly island that protects the environment and utilizes in a sustainable way its attraction sites for millions of tourists.

For the scope of the workshop, the Region of Crete had invited its stakeholders to submit applied Good Practices that aim to minimize the causes and effects of marine litter on recreational activities in coastal areas.

Three Good Practices were submitted, which were presented at the online meeting. In particular, Mr. Triantaphyllides and Mr. Triantaphyllou, from HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research), presented the innovative technology of the CLAIM project (H2020) regarding the treatment of waste in the marine environment, with emphasis on macro and micro-plastics, which can be installed at river mouths.

In addition, Victor Koumantakis presented the "Protocol for the sustainable management and development of the Mediterranean beaches" by COSTA NOSTRUM, while Vassilis Zisimopoulos presented the Good Practice "Smart Green Bins for Beaches" of AELIA Sustainable Engineering.

All the Good Practices aroused the interest of the participants and were characterized as particularly interesting in order to investigate the possibility of their future application in the Region of Crete aiming to reduce marine pollution from waste.

The meeting was also attended by the project coordinator Mrs. Eleni Tzagkaraki, the team members of RoC Mr. Vassilis Zisimopoulos, Engineer, and Michalis Chalkiadakis, Economist, a representative of the company "EXELIXIS”, Mr. Nikolaos Chalkias, representatives of Municipalities, HCMR and relative organizations that are dealing with tackling coastal marine litter pollution, as well as other scientists, local stakeholders and team members of CAPonLITTER project.

You may find the short summary of the report (in English) of this workshop HERE.