The 3rd French Regional Stakeholders Workshop took place on 13th July 2021. This event was online, due to COVID.

Organized by the French partner PP7 (MerTerre), this workshop was the next step of the two previous stakeholders' workshops.

Around 10 stakeholders attended the meeting, coming from various sectors of activities (Distributors, local authorities, civic organization…).

The objective was to evaluate good practices previously submitted to PP7 by stakeholders. 16 good practices were submitted a few weeks ago. Before the meeting, these good practices were evaluated by a group of experts, according to an evaluation grid provided by the leader partner (LP) of CAPonLITTER project. 9 out of these 16 were selected by the group of experts.

The same evaluation grid was used to assess these 9 good practices during the workshop.

The results of this evaluation have been sent to the stakeholders in charge of each Good Practice, so they can improve their Good Practice and submit it to the Interreg Europe website.

Finally, participants appreciated the format and the fact that they could meet up with other environmental structures and discover new examples of good practices.

You may find the complete report (in French) and the summary report (in English) of this workshop HERE.