09.00h - Digital solutions in Palma – Meeting with representatives from the Municipality
of Palma: Department of Innovation and regarding as SAFE BEACHES, Welcome Palma
or the QR for security in destinations .
11.00h - Visit to the Port Authority – The port authority will present their innovation
platform and in particular the innovation ecosystem they have involved to increase the
digital transformation of this important part of the island. The port Authority is working with
Palma Municipality in different solutions related to wifi, pollution control and in the Port 4.0
initiative which promotes innovative solutions and initiatives to be applied in the port area

14.30h - CARPE DIGEM Cocreation and modelling workshop on digital innovation
ecosystems in rural and peripheral Europe with project partners and their stakeholders at
Chamber of Commerce premises

Day 2:
Morning: Camp Mallorquí, this cooperative is involved in the CPS4AGRI project, within the
DIH4CPS programme. Different solutions based on computer vision, machine learning and
AI are being implemented to prevent illness and pests in Almond tree production. They are
also involved in an innovative short chain initiave to directly supply local products started
during the COVID period
José Luis Ferrer  winery, the biggest and
most digitally advances in Mallorca. Visit to the cellers. It is also one of the wineries with the
biggest investment in renewables

Afternoon: Fet a Sóller, an SME which combines tradition, digitalisation and internationalisation. This company focuses on quality food products that are directly sold throughout Europe using advanced technologies while keeping traditions and the high quality of the local products Visit to Sóller, a smart village localted in the Tramuntana UNESCO heritage

Day 3: Tirme: the waste treatment plant of Mallorca in conjuction with several hotelchains is leading a very ambitious circularity project that has been recognised byUNWTO. They are digitalising the waste management not only in terms of overallsystems management through stakeholder involvement and subsequent generation ofbenefits througout the society. It is one of the most advanced waste treatment plants inEuropeParc Bit: the technology parc of the Balearic Islands is located close to theUniversity and surrounded by nature environment. The most advanced technologycompanies are located there, together with public admnistration, the incubator,clusters. We will learn from the Emprenbit project and other initiatives link with theChemical industry and Creative Industries