The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca is supporting the digital transformation of SMES thanks to their participation in the “Acelera pyme programme”. Through this programme, SMEs can receive free services for the digital transformation of their businesses. At the same time, it is also carrying out awareness-raising activities, providing access to different funding sources, and generating synergies with other companies and entities from the ecosystem.

The Acelera pyme platform is the digital meeting point for SMEs and the agents involved in their digital transformation from which the ecosystem will be dynamized. The platform has global services aimed at SMEs with multi-sector content and specific services according to different sectors of activity.

It is aimed at SMEs of any size, sector and level of digitization and has tools that allow companies like yours to know their level of digital maturity, complemented by services and content available according to that level.

The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca has been working to define different digital and innovative services, mainly targeting SMEs and start-ups, to help them to become more competitive and to be up to date on all initiatives, funds and support programmes that will contribute to increasing their innovation capacities.

These services are aligned with the activities of the DIH and have been defined following the findings of the CarpeDigem program by working with the ecosystem.

From August 2022 to June 2023, this initiative has implemented 194 advisory services to SMEs helping them to understand bettr the different pathways towards the digital transformation of their business. During the same period, 20 webinars have been organised to inform SMEs on different aspects of digital transformation, from access to funding to specific technologies which can help them to become more competitive by introducing digitalisation in their day to day.

“Acelera Pyme” is a national initiative offering companies personalised digital transformation support. There is a particular focus on access to funding possibilities at local, regional and national levels, and there is a sound interest in generating synergies with other companies of the ecosystem to generate business collaborations that help them to be able to be competitive in broader markets.

Acelera Pyme has 4 main objectives:

- Promote the digital transformation of Spanish SMEs, with tools such as advice and training.

- Provide a platform to generate a digital ecosystem and national community around digital transformation, being this the neuralgic point that connects all stakeholders, unifying capabilities.

- To offer high-value services to drive the digital transformation of the largest number of SMEs.

- Promote other priority or strategic objectives of the Government, such as entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Development Goals or the promotion of strategic sectors.