Within the project City Cooperation II, focused on strengthening cities in the cross-border region of Slovenia – Hungary – Austria, on 10th of June assistant professor Emilija Stojmenova Duh gave lecture on the issue of digitalization of municipalities.

As Carpe Digem is about creating functioning and especially sustainable digital innovation ecosystem, the process of digitalization of municipalities is an important topic, underscoring one of the Carpe Digem’s objective to ensure accessible and wide ranging knowledge of responsible policy makers and key stakeholders to support and establish sustainable digital innovation ecosystems.

Dr. Stojmenova Duh’s lecture presented the good practice of 4PDIH, Public Private People Partnership Digital Innovation Hub (https://4pdih.com), designed within Carpe Digem, in collaboration with Association of Municipalities of Slovenia and Ministry of Public Administration, where a particular focus is given to digitalization of municipalities and other public bodies.


In this manner, dr. Stojmenova Duh’s talk was well integrated into the event that addressed the state and the needs of the communities in the field of digitalization, stressing the importance of not just working closely with municipalities’ representatives, but with communities as well, as the process of digital transformation cannot be and should not be only about technology – it is foremost about the people and their needs.