The objective of this workshop is determining vision for the methodology for applying and adoption of positive practices, determining the measures in the action plans. After the last workshop all practices and needs are identified, through questionnaires will become clear the relationships between needs and opportunities /technical and financial/. The action plans will have clear visions and they will be finalized after the workshop. The stakeholders will know if they have technical opportunities for implementation of new structures, and where there is not enough own resources will be used the structural funds, set as policy instruments by the partners. The methodology for adaptation will be ready until the workshop and will be presented during the meeting. During the workshop will be held training on “How to adopt identified positive practices and how to include them into the Action plans”. 

The Workshop will be facilitayed by Tijana Tasich, Digitelling Agency

Will be participate about 40 persons: 10 team members and 30 stakeholders. 

Agenda of the event you can find here