Based on the overview of the digitization of intangible cultural heritage area we made a selection of three practices:

1. Slovenian Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (Slovene Ethnographic Museum)

We believe such registers are the first step in the safeguarding, transmission and digitization of intangible heritage. All included partners haven`t got such centralized registers, which are available to the public in two languages – Slovene and English. This would decently cover the “digitization” approach to intangible heritage. You can check it at:

2. NEXTO – Cultural Engagement Platform: intangible cultural heritage digitalization case

This cultural engagement platform is an impressive example of the use of the very latest technologies for heritage “digitalization”. The fact that visitors, on sites of natural and cultural heritage, are mainly looking for interesting (authentic) content and enriched experience is their main guideline and they are applying it also in case of intangible heritage, combining interactive stories, smart audio tours etc.  You can check it at:

3. The Batana Ecomuseum (Rovinj/Rovigno, Croatia)

The Batana Ecomuseum is a community project of safeguarding the living culture of Rovinj/Rovigno (Croatian town in Istra/Istria). In 2016 it was listed on the UNESCO Register of Good Safeguarding Practices. A Batana is a type of traditional fishing boat found in Rovinj, Croatia. Important to the town’s trade and heritage, with craftsmanship methods handed down by families, it became scarce with the popularity of industrial models until 2004 when local enthusiasts started an association to help safeguard it and its associated practices (an old dialect and traditional songs). The Batana Ecomuseum was created to raise public awareness and provide training on practices linked to the Batana (permanent exhibition showcasing how the Batana is built and fishing equipment is made; runs workshops on constructing the boat, also available for shipbuilders; hosts regattas encouraging involvement from young people etc.). Their webpage offers also a playing corner, allowing the visitors of the website to get to know more about the specifics of the boat from their home.  You can check it at: and their corner for playing: