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Digitization vs Covid-19 in Italy - ArtCentrica


Centrica never stops amazing us: let's have a look at ArtCentrica!

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Positive memories of old negatives


One of the measures of Regional Action Plan elaborated by “Euroregion...

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EWM&FRI are starting Pilot action


Estonian War Museum General Laidoner Museum (EWM) and Foundation for Research...

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MANRA launches the heritage Digitalization


The regional institution MANRA (Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta) has started with...

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CD-ETA – inspiration for outstanding results


On March 12-14, 2019 in Pleven, Bulgaria, was held the last interregional event...

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Stakeholders take on preparation of the Action plan


BSC Kranj, Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, held a Stakeholder group...

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Spain - the country of archives


The 5th thematic Seminar “DIGITIZATION OF ARCHIVES AND LIBRARIES” of the CD-ETA...

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With a look at the second phase of the project


Hembo Pagi - scientific coordinator of the project CD-ETA, with his colleagues...

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Regional stakeholder group meeting in Slovenia


Meeting and learning about 3D printing and laser scanning and monitoring ...

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Policy brief on NCH&sustainable tourism


INTERREG EUROPE programme has published a policy brief showing the links between...

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Knowledge for digitization of archaeological sites


With great success and impressions from the participants was completed the 4th...

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Meeting and experiencing the interactive guide


Stakeholder group meeting of Gorenjska, Slovenia, held on 1st March 2018

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