Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska - BSC Kranj implemented the stakeholders’ group meeting in the framework of additional activities of CD-ETA project, funded by Interreg Europe Programme. Regional stakeholders from different museums, libraries and agencies attended the meeting which was held online on 22nd February 2022.

The aim of the meeting was to exchange actual information on the topic of digitization of cultural heritage, discuss good practices that could be transferred among regional organizations and presented also to the international CD-ETA project partners on the upcoming events and within promotional activities. At the same time the representatives of Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska – BSC Kranj announced an international webinar and online study visit of the CD-ETA project on the digitization of natural and cultural heritage, which will take place on 1st and 2nd March 2022.

Representatives of museums and libraries presented and discussed the activities which were implemented since the last regional stakeholder meeting on the topic of digitization and digital presentation of cultural heritage: setting up the virtual exhibition in Gorenjska Museum, virtual museum visit in Tržič museum, short film with presentation and initiation on individual visit of The Jesenice Upper Sava Museum, which help in presenting the heritage and maintaining contact or attracting visitors ... Digital technologies provide new opportunities to preserve cultural content and to make cultural heritage more accessible to all audiences. In this regards the promotion is one of the key elements. Barbara Špehar, project manager of CD-ETA project in BSC Kranj, shared the information about the planned preparation of promotional material within CD-ETA project. The brochure and website of the Interreg Europe project and program will also present good practices on the digitization of natural and cultural heritage created during the Covid-19 constraints and adaptations. As this is a good opportunity to promote also the heritage of Gorenjska region, regional stakeholders agreed to provide some brief descriptions of successful projects / examples of heritage digitization.

Regional stakeholders discussed also the possibilities of preparing and submitting new project proposals on the topic of heritage on the upcoming European tenders, especially cross-border cooperation.

We agreed that exchange of knowledge and experience is very important for all stakeholders. In this regard further regional meetings are planned. Next one is expected to be organized before the summer, when we will also focus on the topic of digitization of small prints what was also highlighted at the current meeting.