The first meeting of local stakeholders, organized by the Harghita County Council, took place on 23 February 2022 as part of the CD-ETA project Add-on.

As COVID-19 pandemic, the associated restrictions and security measures also posed significant obstacles to the functioning of cultural institutions, in the CD-ETA project Add-on, interregional cooperation aims to collect and share methods, digital and other solutions that can be used during the pandemic, to help the operation of cultural institutions.

At the meeting of the local stakeholders, on February 23, representatives of the cultural institutions, theaters and folk dance ensembles of Harghita County shared with the audience their “survival” ideas developed in connection with the epidemic, which helped them to continue their activities in some form, to make their contact with the audience possible and to be able to keep their staff.

According to the majority of speakers, despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic, the last two years have contributed to the development of institutions in many ways: the versatile use of online tools, addressing a wider audience of domestic and even foreign audiences, and digitizing cultural values. The conclusions are that, although digital methods have helped to keep institutions running during the epidemic, cultural events are not nearly as enjoyable in the form of online coverage as they are in live contact with the public.

At the meeting, however, participants were able to learn about the best practices of CD-ETA’s foreign partners, which were discussed at the first international online meeting of the project Add-on.