The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing companies to explore new ways to connect with people. But museums and cultural institutions have been doing this since long before the crisis. And they’re very good at what they do!

Watch Franca Fauci from the Foundation for Research and Innovation in Italy talk about some of the good practices they’ve identified during the CD-ETA project.

Good practices

  • The Uffizi virtual experience is a fully immersive and interactive digital exhibition. Learn and have fun at the same time!
  • The Galileo Museum app guides users through the collection of scientific instruments using video, audio and images.
  • 3D modelling can be used for tourism, in academia and to promote culture. It’s also a great way to boost cooperation between museums and creative cultural industries.

As Franca says: ‘Although the physical experience remains paramount, I think that digitisation and remote access solutions can help communities connect with each other during confinement providing a kind of social help through records of shared culture, languages, and creative expressions.

So please join us. Let’s turn the threat of COVID-19 into an opportunity to make creativity and knowledge accessible through digital images anywhere!

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