Project Events

CECI Finland Dissemination Event


CECI Finland Christmas Party – regional dissemination event. Organized by lead...

Type: Project

CECI Region SUD Dissemination Event


CECI project will be presented in a LIFE conference about how is Europe...

Type: Project

Interregional workshop in Mechelen


Interregional workshop in Mechelen, CECI partner meeting in Mechelen.

Type: Project

CECI Project Partner Dissemination Event


Exploring the Roadmap towards Circular Economy in Päijät-Häme, Finland....

Type: Project

M-Fair CECI Event in Mechelen


M-fair is a festival focusing on fair trade and circular fashion, organised...

Type: Project

CECI Lead Partner Volunteering in Lahti Finland


CECI Lead Partner LAB University of Applied Sciences is organizing a...

Type: Project

CECI Dissemination Event


CECI project and good practices involving citizens in circular economy will be...

Type: Project

CECI 4th Steering Group Meeting


CECI projects 4th Steering Group Meeting.

Type: Project

CECI Thematic workshop - Bio-waste


Part of the CECI Third interregional meeting - Thematic workshop. Digital...

Type: Project

CECI 3rd Interregional Meeting

02/06/2021 - 03/06/2021

Interreg Europe Project CECIs Third interregional meeting ”The action planning...

Type: Project