CECI partner meeting in Mechelen on Wednesday, November, 24th

Please find all information on the program, how to get there, where to stay right here.

9.30-10.00 Welcome coffee & breakfast bites at the circular hub ( address: Potterijstraat 5)
We are very proud to be home to several bottom-up initiatives and to join forces with these individuals and organisations to build a circular hub @dePotterij. De Potterij used to be a vacant building, in a former life an industrial laundry. Now,  these good practices are building a home base, in cooperation with several organisations and the City of Mechelen.

10.00-15.00       Good practices
10.00        Labo Leegstand & Klimaan
Labo Leegstand has the ambition to conduct research and build expertise in modular construction. Taking advantage of the vacant experimental space @dePotterij, a strategically located brownfield in Mechelen, a modular construction package is being developed for the temporary completion of this and other vacant buildings.
Klimaan is a civil movement, working on a sustainable and climate-neutral society. One of the current focuses is composing a reuse inventory @Artenova, the former urban library of Mechelen. Through urban mining re-using as much as possible of the building materials already present in the building.
11.00        CofLab/Cofmade/Citamine
Coflab is a subsidiary of Citamine, having the mission to convert Mechelen into an edible city.  Coflab is a research lab for the valorisation of organic waste, such as coffee grits to be valorised as nutrition for the growth of oyster mushrooms, chicory or sprouts.
Cofmade is a label for circular products and produces based on coffee grits and other organic residual flows. Cofmade develops, shares and promotes open-source knowledge, infrastructure and brands.
11.45        KoLab & makers
KoLab is a hacker/maker space, giving space, equipment, education, inspiration and possibilities to citizens with a need of researching and experimenting in sciences.                    
12.30          Lunch
13.30        CiLab
CiLab is a collective of 3 circular entrepreneurs, focussing on textiles. Within a year and a half, they grew from mere ideas to a collective with one FTE employee, collaborating with several major brands in Belgium while using deadstock, residual textiles or recalled fashion items.
14.15        Deelbaar Mechelen (“divisible Mechelen”)
Deelbaar Mechelen is a collective of volunteers, citizens working on circular projects such as the tool library (“because only a carpenter needs a saw every day”),  a sharing system for laptops or a seed library.
15.00          Walk through the city centre
15.30          Coffee break and introduction @Het Predikheren (address: Goswin de Stassartstraat 88)
The public library of Mechelen, on the Public Library of the Year Shortlist 2021
16.30          Break
19.30          Social dinner. Restaurant and address to be announced