CECI celebrates Eart Day

  • 22.4.2022 is the Earth Day, so we will remember where it came from and why we celebrate it

  • We will focus on the footprint of each of us (especially the wardrobe) - how to calculate it? What can such a number tell us about ourselves?
  • You will be able to touch unusual alternatives to the most common textiles and guess what they are made of
  • Together we will create beautiful puppets from residual fabrics and textiles from IKEA Ostrava - parents and children can discover the magic of UPCYCLING and become small and large designers for a while

Centre of Circular Fashion in Ostrava will be your partner in this new experience. The centre is a kind of lab for sustainable fashion practices. It is a place where a lot of things happen:

  • pupils can learn about fashion, the current system of this industry, its environmental and societal impacts, marketing, greenwashing but also solutions for a circular future
  • creators of all sizes can come and ask for help when choosing new innovative materials or trying to upcycle old headstock
  • individuals can (learn to) sew in our workshop, swap, visit pop-ups of local designers, happenings and other awareness-raising events