The Entire Lahti Circular Economy Day on 21 May 2022 - CECI regional dissemination event in Finland

Warmly welcome to the CECI dissemination event, co-organized together with LAB University of Applied Sciences (on behalf of CECI), the City of Lahti and the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme. The open event to everyone will take place on Saturday 21.5.2022, in Sopenkorvi, Lahti and you can meet the local circular economy operators! 

During the event, you will get to know examples of the circular and sharing economy, as well as sustainable everyday solutions. In addition, the latest perspectives on environmental and circular economy themes will be provided.

The opening speech by the Minister for Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Mr Ville Skinnari. The keynote speaker will be Mr Kimmo Rönkä, a future housing expert. We also hear about the insights on circular economy from our region and Europe, the continuation of the Lahti Green Capital, activities from the Lahti region, and the venue from Takoja5, Climate Puzzle, carbon-neutral building, circular economy shopping centre and circular economy case Tehdassaari. The event will be hosted by Una Floor. The speeches will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. time slot. Coffee and snacks are available.

Besides other actors, you can meet or experience e.g., Salpakierto recycling coaching, Lahti city services and partnership tables, as well as the Youth Services Escape Game, Kokedama workshop, Käsityökeskus Kankurin Ilo, Retrosisko, Niipala farm, Molok, Tekstiilit kiertoon, Saidan Verhoomo & Vintage, Climate Puzzle. At the event, you can also get to know the 4H Event Cart for rent.

On the same day there will be the opening of Cherry Park and the outdoor sales at the Recycling Center Patina.

Have a great weekend and a fun May Day!