In CECI, we have conducted a Thematic Study on citizen involvement in circular economy based on data provided by the CECI project partners. As an outcome, a collection of three articles has been published in the LAB Pro Journal of LAB University of Applied Sciences.

1. Triggering citizen involvement

This first article gathers tips on how authorities and communities can attract and trigger dialogue with citizens for better environmental and social impacts. It bases itself on community building tools as well as ethical standards to answer the citizen trust crisis. Concrete examples from Finland and Belgium help illustrate how local authorities can apply those principles.

Originally published in LAB Pro Journal on 12.10.2020:

2. From strategies to grassroot actions in circular economy 

The second article sums up the policy situation of circular economy strategies in six European regions. It is based on a study which was conducted by the CECI project partners to find out the status of circular economy strategies and their relation to citizen involvement among partner countries. The strategies were examined on three levels: national, regional and municipal. Further on, the study describes the role of the stakeholders in circular economy implementation. CECI countries and regions have different starting points so there is plenty of room for sharing knowledge, learning opportunities and benefitting from the expertise of partners and their networks.

Originally published in LAB Pro Journal on 14.10.2020:

3. Reaching for Successful Citizen Dialogue

The third article explores the prerequisites and challenges of a successful citizen dialogue, which is needed to solve societal and environmental issues inclusively. The article is referring to the Interreg Europe funded CECI – Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation project and the CECI Thematic Study survey, that was carried out in April 2020.

Originally published in LAB Pro Journal on 21.10.2020:

All articles are also available int he CECI Library.